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Sunday Services                                                                              

We warmly welcome all to meet with us every Sunday at 11.00 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. No matter what your background is, or how much you know about Christianity. Our church is made up of people from very varied walks of life so you will feel at home.

Below are some frequently asked questions - and their answers. If you need further information or help then please contact us via the contact page, and we will do our best to help you. 




What do you do in a Church service? 

Our church services will typically involve singing hymns, prayer, reading the Bible, and preaching. Services usually last for about one hour. 

Do I need to bring a Bible? 

If you have a Bible and would like to bring it along, then feel free to do so. If you do not own a Bible, or would like to follow the Bible reading more closely in the version used in our services, then there are Bibles available in each pew. The preacher will do his best to remember to read out the page number that is being read from! 

Can I bring my children? 

Yes, children are encouraged to join in with the services, and in the morning they will probably be invited to listen to a talk especially for them. There is also a separate Sunday School class which ends about half an hour before the start of the main morning service. 


What if my children are noisy? 

They will probably be in good company! However, if at any stage you feel uncomfortable with the level of noise or disruption being created, then there is a separate room with a video link of the service which you are free to use. The steward at the entrance can direct you to this room if necessary. 


Are there any facilities for mothers with babies? There are baby changing facilities, as well as a private lockable room if required. A key can be obtained from the steward at the entrance


Is there access to the chapel for the disabled? 

There are steps leading up to the chapel, and due to a preservation order these cannot be altered. However, the church has recently invested in an Electric Powered Stairlift, and there are always people around who are happy to help.


Do you have any facilities within the chapel for the disabled? 

We have a hearing aid loop system in place to aid those who are hard of hearing, and hymn books in large print are available if requested. There are also disabled toilet facilities. 

Bradford on Avon Baptist Church services at this building
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